Process continued

Okay, so I submitted the thumbnail sketches to Alex, AD at Until Now.  I'm actually doing two pieces for her, both around 7 x 10". She was stoked about the thumbnails that showed women in a park and, separately, the one that shows 'young and old detritus'. These both would apply to piece of short fiction about older men falling for younger women as told by a young, naive woman. I'm a little sad she didn't want me to draw a bunch of men in a jar, but I'll just save that idea for a rainy day. My next move is to draw slightly larger sketches. But then I do a weird thing. I paint most of the components of the piece separately. Like this. 

My next step is to clean and edit these image in Photoshop. Then I start the digital collage phase. I compile all of the elements together to create a full image.  Stay tuned for that.


Currently listening to "Whose Authority" by Nada Surf. Good for shirking February oppression.