Inspiration of late

Oh boy, if you want to get into my state of mind these days, take a listen to Beck's new album "Morning Phase". I've been listening to it, drinking coffee and getting to work. It's transfixing. 

Let's do this today: an unexpected deluge of awards has come my way. It's been surprising and wonderful and has brought many new people my way. Hello new friends! Many of you have been asking how I make my pictures. Methinks I'll set up a little tutorial about how I paint, scan, and digitally collage my work. For now, I'm going to leave you a rough sketch that shows how I begin my process. When I say rough I mean rough. My thumbnails are the loosest. I apologize to all of the art directors out there. Here is a series of thumbnails that detail concept ideas for an upcoming editorial assignment. This is for the magazine Until Now.  The finished piece is forthcoming.