Stray a While

Speaking of good news, I wrapped up my thesis project (so to speak) last week. We had our gallery talks with Josh Cochran and Zachariah OHora and I blathered on about the whole thing to them for a while. Thank you for your generous ears guys!  No need to blather to you though, dear readers,  I have a whole website to do that for me. Check out the book, the show, and more about my process there!

American Illustration 33

Wonderful news! I have had not one, but four (!?!?!) images chosen for the upcoming American Illustration 33 Annual. This is a big deal for me-it's the first time that I've submitted art for the Annual though I've been to the release party and have coveted the walls in the past. I'm very excited. Thank you to the ridiculously amazing jury!

Process continued

Okay, so I submitted the thumbnail sketches to Alex, AD at Until Now.  I'm actually doing two pieces for her, both around 7 x 10". She was stoked about the thumbnails that showed women in a park and, separately, the one that shows 'young and old detritus'. These both would apply to piece of short fiction about older men falling for younger women as told by a young, naive woman. I'm a little sad she didn't want me to draw a bunch of men in a jar, but I'll just save that idea for a rainy day. My next move is to draw slightly larger sketches. But then I do a weird thing. I paint most of the components of the piece separately. Like this. 

My next step is to clean and edit these image in Photoshop. Then I start the digital collage phase. I compile all of the elements together to create a full image.  Stay tuned for that.


Currently listening to "Whose Authority" by Nada Surf. Good for shirking February oppression. 

Inspiration of late

Oh boy, if you want to get into my state of mind these days, take a listen to Beck's new album "Morning Phase". I've been listening to it, drinking coffee and getting to work. It's transfixing. 

Let's do this today: an unexpected deluge of awards has come my way. It's been surprising and wonderful and has brought many new people my way. Hello new friends! Many of you have been asking how I make my pictures. Methinks I'll set up a little tutorial about how I paint, scan, and digitally collage my work. For now, I'm going to leave you a rough sketch that shows how I begin my process. When I say rough I mean rough. My thumbnails are the loosest. I apologize to all of the art directors out there. Here is a series of thumbnails that detail concept ideas for an upcoming editorial assignment. This is for the magazine Until Now.  The finished piece is forthcoming.